Recipe | Peanut Butter Panna Cotta

August 19, 2019

The inspiration behind our most popular dessert this month comes from recreating a feeling of nostalgia from childhood. Generous spoonfuls of the famous Skippy peanut butter straight outta the jar to create a rich panna cotta with a mouth-filling flavour and smear of tart berry gel/jam for that much-loved PBJ sweet and salty combo.

Let us know how this one goes down at home!

Peanut Butter Panna Cotta – Serves 6

For the panna cotta 

200ml milk

135ml cream

200g of smooth peanut butter

40g sugar

1 x sheet of bronze gelatin (you can buy this in most major supermarkets in the baking isle or online)

  1. Add the milk, cream, peanut butter and sugar into a pan and bring to a boil. Simmer for around 3 mins whilst whisking to breakdown the mixture until it has combined smoothly.
  2. Next up, we’ll need to bloom the sheets of gelatin. To “bloom” gelatin refers to the softening of gelatin in liquid prior to melting it. Put the gelatin sheets into ice water for 5 mins.
  3. Once bloomed, squeeze out any excess water and add the gelatin sheet to the heated mixture of peanut butter, milk, cream and sugar give it a good mix until it has all dispersed.
  4. Prepare your panna cotta moulds by greasing them with bake spray, pour in the mixture and leave to set in the fridge for approx 2/3 hours until set.

For the gel/jam

1 k of cherry  purée (or any berry that’s in season)

10g of agar agar

  1. Add the purée and agar agar into a pan and bring to the boil before taking it off the heat and allow it to set.
  2. Take make sure the gel is nice and smooth, pass it through a fine chinois sieve to remove any sediment.
  3. Put a tablespoonful on to your serving plate and use a flat set palate knife to make a swipe across the plate.
  4. Final, remove the set panna cotta from the mould and place on top of the zingy swipe and you’re ready to serve!

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