Insider tips to getting a seat at Bancone

September 20, 2019

Customers often ask if we have a waiting list or if our booking system is down because they can’t get a table even 2 weeks from now. It really is a fortunate position for us to be in as a business but we know for you guys this can be a little frustrating when all you want to do is tuck into a bowl of your favourite pasta! Whether you’re trying to book a spontaneous date night or last minute celebration here’s some insider knowledge to help you get a seat without having to plan too far in advance.

Here are our top 5 tips to getting a seat at Bancone.

  1. Walk-ins

We always reserve a set number of seats for customers that drop in without a booking so if there’s no availability when booking online there will always still be tables available if you try your luck and walk-in. If you’ve tried to get a walk-in table before, you’ll know the queues can get pretty long so we recommend arriving just before we open at 11:45am or between 3:30pm-5pm for the shortest wait times. Weekdays are similar to weekends however there is more chance of getting a walk-in seat early in the week or on Sundays. If there is a queue, you’re more than welcome to have a drink at the window counter or alternatively, we’ll give you a time to come back so you can pop out for a drink until then!


  1. Shoulder Bookings

To get a booking for a table of 2 within the week we suggest requesting a shoulder time to peak dining hours at 5pm or after 9:15pm. If you have the luxury of 2 weeks’ notice, you’ll get more choice with times! Again, weekdays are similar to weekends however there is more chance of getting a booking early in the week or on Sundays.


  1. Be Progressive and Dine Alone!

We often have individual seats left available due to odd number reservations. If you don’t mind being nestled between two counter seat reservations, then go for it! You’ll likely be seated way before others in the walk-in queue and also find it easier to book a table for that much needed pasta fix.


  1. Request a Counter Seat

Our online booking system allows you to select a table seat or a counter seat. Our tables tend to get booked up first to accommodate the preference of bookings of 4 or more so requesting counter seats will give you a better chance at a last minute booking. Keep in mind that you can still request counter seating for larger groups up to 4, you may not be facing each other but you’ll definitely be entertained by the busy service in front of you!


  1. Round up the Troops

Bypass the busy restaurant and head upstairs to your own private oasis and enjoy super-sized feasting bowls of pasta.  If you have at least 8 people to join you for lunch or dinner you can book our private dining room online.



Our Private Dining Room

Our Feasting Bowls